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Our affiliates provide complimentary products and services to retailers. Please visit their web sites.

If you are interested in an affiliate relationship, give us a call at 630-988-9874.


Our Company

Retail Training.com provides retailers with off-the-shelf and custom designed training solutions. Our Retail Education Model™ is designed to support the dynamic nature of the Five P Retail Model, a management tool used to aid retailers in strategic planning for the purpose of maximizing profits.

The Retail Education Model™ is the first of its kind to align retail training and education with retail business strategies. It is designed to support the dynamic nature of the Five P Retail Model and provides the framework for our Retail Curriculum Architecture™. The Retail Education Model™ was developed by our company founder, Becky Lucas, and is a convergence of her background in marketing, instructional design and human performance technology.

Our Leadership

Becky Lucas, CPT

Chief Learning Officer
First Retail Job: Sales Associate, Housewares, AyrWay Discount Store, Bloomington, IN

Becky is the visionary behind RetailTraining.com and the creator of the Retail Education Model™ and Retail Curriculum Architecture™. Becky has over 20 years experience in the training industry, including experience in both brick and mortar and non-store retailing. Becky is a Hoosier and alumni of Indiana University with a B.S. in Marketing /Advertising and M.S. Education. She holds the designation of Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

Greg Bunn, PMP

Right-Hand Man, Strategy and Consultancy
First Retail Job: Counter Crew, Carousel Snack Bar, Indianapolis, IN

Greg wears the bifocals for RetailTraining.com -- he clarifies and focuses our vision, whether we're seeing what's right in front of our noses or looking as far as we can down the road. Greg brings the team more than 20 years of consulting experience helping a variety of clients across multiple industries to deliver an exceptional customer experience through their sales and service interactions. Greg received a B.S. in Marketing/Advertising and MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. A certified Project Management Professional, Greg has the discipline to produce great results on time and on budget!

Marcia Singery, MsED

Left-Hand Woman, Relationship Management
First Retail Job: Sales Associate, Northwest Fabrics, Rockford, IL

Marcia keeps us real while wearing rose colored glasses – she is our sounding board and biggest champion. On board from the start of the Retail Training elearning adventure, Marcia provides instructional design expertise and elearning know-how to the Retail Training cause. Analytical and creative, Marcia brings fresh ideas to project management and course design. Marcia received a B.S. in Communication and MsEd in Instructional Design from Northern Illinois University. With over 15 years of sales and instructional design experience she is valuable leader on the Retail Training team.

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Monte Lewis

Right-Foot Man: Sales Management Coach
First Retail Job: Sales Rep calling on retailers in Northeastern US

Monte is action oriented and will use that right foot to kick-start your sales growth. In our store management workshops, Monte provides real world strategies that managers can use right away to enhance the customer experience and grow their store sales. These practical strategies are highlighted in our elearning retail sales courses. Monte is the designer of the Retail Sales Strategy Model, where we pinpoint the right retail sales model for your business. Monte has 20 years experience as a sales trainer and consultant and provides the passion and motivation to drive our business forward.

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Our Advisory Board

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Our Voices

The narration you hear on RetailTraining.com’s online courses are the voices of these very talented folks.

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Our Instructional Design Team

Sometimes you have to beg and barter to reach your goals. Our heartfelt thanks to the RetailTraining Team. A group of 20 creative and talented instructional designers who helped us get launched.

  • Becky Harris, CPT
  • Dan Woodard
  • David Orr
  • Donna Roberts-Luttrell
  • Greg Bunn, PMP
  • Gaye Bruhn
  • Janet Gregory
  • Jerry Oehler, CPT
  • Kathy York
  • Kit Jones
  • Lori Thompson-Zittnan
  • Lynne Brooks, PMP
  • Marcia Singery, MsED
  • Mike Tillmans
  • Nancy Arient
  • Pat Hutson
  • Randy Smith
  • SiatMoy Chong, CPT
  • Tanya White
  • Trish Kredel

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